NABA - National Association of Bail Agents

NABA - National Association of Bail Agents

Join us today on our grassroots journey to "Save Bail". Our Association is proud to advocate on behalf of Bail Agents & Fugitive Recovery Agents throughout the nation. Our industry has been attacked for years by branded rhetoric created by multi million dollar funded anti-bail groups, and the media who spews branded rhetoric created by huge PR firms.

The "truth" is that we are multi-generational specialized Mom & Pop shops, we are retired US Veterans, Retired Law Enforcement, Single Moms & Dads, we are made up of immigrants & minorities & we are the most successful component of every criminal justice system in which we operate. SECURED BAIL WORKS! NABA is dedicated to messaging our worth to every community throughout the United States. Click JOIN NABA today! .

Secured Bail Matters

Bail is a Constitutional Right provided by the 8th Amendment. As a profession we provide swift liberty to the accused throughout the nation. Bail amounts are NOT set by bail agents, bail amounts are set by the Judiciary. A Judge who arraigns an accused individual will consider various factors in the setting of a specific fixed amount of bail, including the offender's past criminal history, history of failing to appear, dangerousness to a community or victim & a consideration of an accused's finances.

Bail is the vehicle that allows an accused to be at liberty while preparing in his or her own defense. Bail Agents are directly accountable to the Court and ensure an accused will return to Court to answer the charges brought against him.

When an accused fails to appear and "skips bail" the Fugitive Recovery Agent arm of our profession is immediately called into action to bring the accused to the custody of The Sheriff or to the Court. These actions provided by our profession ensure that a victim of crime is made whole in that an offender that is "in court" is made to hear the all important victim impact statements, and the State does not have to proceed with trial (in absentia) without an accused present for trial and sentencing.

NABA strongly believes in the "Right to bail", as a profession we take our work very seriously, and we have proven that distinct worth for hundreds of years in the accountable release of an accused.

The Bail Profession utilizes the indemnity of the "circle of love" in providing liberty to an accused. When family members are directly involved in the bail process the accused is much more likely to adhere to the conditions of his/her release.

Bail Reform

Bail reform initiatives have been popping up all over the United States for decades. However in the past ten years or so a massive amount of funding has been added to the initiative to remove bail and replace it with publicly funded "bail programs"...ironically NONE of these programs are "free"... Bail programs are funded by American tax dollars. The argument to annihilate bail has unfortunately become a heavily debated political issue, Democrats blaming Republicans, and Republicans blaming Democrats...reality actually lies somewhere in the middle in that paid political agenda has proven to move both parties in the wrong direction pertaining to Bail reform.

New Jersey 

All one has to do is take a gander at the State of New Jersey, when held by Governor Chris Christie, (a Republican), Christie and his legislators moved the entire State of NJ into publicly funding bail. The citizens of NJ had no idea that their moratorium on real estate taxes was lifted to fund the massive new bureaucratic bail takeover. The Association of Counties actually sued the State for an "unfunded mandate", meaning there was NO WAY counties could afford to finance such a sweeping change in policy. Gov Christie and the legislature quickly lifted the 2% moratorium and to date New Jersey residents pay for an accused's release with their tax dollars. Many Garden Staters are still unaware of this incredible fact. As if that weren't enough Republican former Governor Christie also had a ballot initiative that actually CHANGED THE NJ STATE CONSTITUTION. Since January 1, 2017 no one in NJ has "the Right to Bail". This practice known as "preventative detention" is commonplace in China and Iraq.

Edward Forchion, an honorably discharged United States Marine, and African-American father, and business owner titles himself, "New Jersey's first political prisoner"... Ed is also known as a peaceful political pothead and has always been a peaceful disturber of local and State politics. Shortly after the enactment of the Bail reform Act of 2017 in NJ, Ed was "held without bail" for 447 days. The NAACP, and the ACLU did not come to Ed's defense. Ed lost everything while incarcerated for a witness tampering charge. (Read Ed's story here) Ed addressed the NYS Senate in 2019 (Listen Ed's testimony here) and essentially begged them to hear his testimony and reconsider the enactment of Bail reform.

New York

Bail reform was placed in the budget by former Democratic Governor Cuomo on April 1, 2019. The people of New York State had no idea what a huge impact this horrific policy initiative would have in their big & small communities throughout NY State and NYC.

Bail reform rolled out and hit NY like a tsunami on January 1, 2020, and had to be immediately amended again to add more offenses on April 1, 2020.

The claim by reformers is that offenders ``languish" in incarceration due to the fact that they are indigent and they can not afford bail, and that is somehow the fault of the bail profession. NABA believes that ingindent people should be provided vast services, including bail, housing, defense, mental health and any other service that could elevate them out of poverty, we also believe that all such services should have a quantified indigence standard.

NABA believes that the solution to Bail reform lies somewhere in the middle. It is our intention to remain a valuable part of this national conversation.

We are keenly aware that good public safety policy defies political party affiliation.


A special thanks to Palmetto Surety and Empire Bonding & Insurance Co. for your donations. From the board of NABA. Thank You!


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