Board Members

Michelle Esquenazi


Representing New York
I have been in the bail industry for almost 30 years. In 2007 I founded our NYS Association to ensure the integrity of our industry, in 2012 I started going to Albany to advocate on our collective behalf. I served as NYSBBA President for 12 years & currently serve as SVP, & Director of Communications. I started NABA for the benefit of Bail nation wide.

As the President I promise to be an excellent listener, a constant supporter of our industry, and a keeper of the peace. I look forward to the opportunity to guide this Association with valiantly and professionally, and I am grateful for each of you for your commitment & support to NABA.

In my spare time I am a Mom of 4, a Wife, and Abuela of 3. Cooking Cuban food for my family is another one of my passions. I am founder & CEO of Empire Bail Bonds in NY. I am most proud of turning back Bail Reform twice since it’s rollout in NY on January 1, 2020 with our legislative NYSBBA committee. I hope to be able to message our worth with all of you at the State & National level.

David Laskey

Executive Vice President

Representing The Bail Agents of California
David Laskey is a Bail Agent, Bail Enforcement Agent and the owner of 510 Bail Bonds in the San Francisco Bay Area. David worked as the CFO for American Financial Lending & Nationwide residential Lending. In 2008 Dave entered the bail bond industry.

David is proud of his time volunteering as Athletic Director of St. Edwards when his two boys attended. Dave has many community ties & interests. Dave has a black belt in Judo, and has instructed Adult and youth Judo classes. Dave has also coached youth basketball and was the former President of the Mission Valley, CYO basketball league. You can find Dave refereeing on the local football fields Friday and Saturday nights as Dave states that, "refereeing is a great way to stay in shape and stay involved in your community."

When I started our group it was Dave that started the weekly Zoom calls & serves as its moderator. Dave is a voice of reason and fairness and is well respected in our industry. I am proud to appoint David Laskey as the Vice President of NABA.

Senior Vice President

Representing Georgia

Tracy Gonzalez
Tracy Gonzalez is the owner of Gonzalez Bonding in South East Georgia for over two decades. Tracy can often be seen fighting for the bail industry at both the State & National level. Some of the States Tracy has visited include, North Carolina, California, Florida, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Mississippi, and many others...Tracy is a representative for Palmetto Surety Corporation in Charleston, South Carolina. Tracy is a proud Mother & Grandmother. Tracy is proud to be a member of several community organizations & is proud to lend her service to underprivileged children & the elderly. Tracy is often called into her local Courts to translate for the accused. Tracy is a staunch advocate for Bail Agents & a well revered icon in our industry. I am proud to appoint Tracy Gonzales as our Senior Vice President of NABA.

Charlie Chase

Vice President
I am Charles C. Chase III. I own and operate All American Bail Bonds in the great State of Georgia. I have a strong Military background and most often use the skill set the United States Army instilled in me. I am an Airborne Infantry Soldier, mission accomplishment is Number 1. I started in Bail as a Hunter, and now I own a Bonding Company and write Bail in multiple Georgia Counties. I also own and operate Weekly Rental Trailer Parks for 35 Years and often use "Trailer Park Rules" in the day to day operations I am involved in. I enjoy my life, wife and most outdoor activities. I am an avid Hunter and Wing Shooter. My Dog's name is Birdie, chances are if she don't like you, I won't either!

Sylvia Sanchez

Board Secretary

Representing Texas
Sylvia Sanchez
Sylvia Sanchez, is a Bail Agent and owner of Texas Bail Bonds in Comal County Texas since 2014. Sylvia is a member of The Professional Bondsmen of Texas & received two Legislative awards from that association for assisting in the fight to preserve bail in Texas legislative sessions. Sylvia attended the Texas Republican convention in 2018 where our group succeeded in stopping the addition of a “catch and release” type plank pushed by certain members of the Republican Party. Sylvia is a strong presence on Social Media groups sharing new & relevant information for our industry.

Sylvia is the proud mother of three responsible, successful children and grandmother to six grandsons. My late father, Aguinaldo “Nayo” Zamora started his bail business in the late 70s. I joined them in 1986. His business expanded to three locations.

“Although my parents did not have a formal degree they were strong believers in education and myself and my three children all earned college degrees thanks to the value my parents put in higher education. I have served on the local school board in my community and have been a member of numerous groups in my community.“

I am proud to appoint Sylvia Sanchez as Board Secretary to NABA't either!

Wendy Fordin


Representing New York
Wendy started in the Bail Bond Industry as a young girl. She is currently the CFO of Empire Bail Bonds, NY, as well as EBIC Surety, and the treasurer of our State Association, NYSBBA. Wendy is honest, trustworthy, and will account for every dollar of this organization with confidence, and the best interest of the future of NABA.

In her spare time Wendy is a proud Dog Mom and can often be seen bringing her pups to the office. Wendy also cares for her 99 year old Grandmother, and is committed to her family on every level.

Wendy believes strongly in the need for secured bail to continue throughout our nation, and will be a great asset to NABA. I am proud to appoint Wendy Fordin to the all important position of Treasurer.

Tommy Weatherholtz

Sergeant at Arms

I am a 46 year old Marine Veteran. I enlisted in the USMC in November 1993. I served four years active and came back to West Virginia and enlisted into the Marine Reserves. In 1999, I was offered a job as a bondsman. I ran that company for eight years before opening my own. In 2004, I was recalled by the Marine Corps where I was attached to a Line Company out of Terre Haute, IN and deployed to Iraq. Upon return is when I opened Weatherholtz Bonding. I am the President of the WV Bail Association and have been fighting bail reform since 2012.
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