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Bail is the vehicle provided for the accused to obtain true liberty. Bail & Fugitive Recovery Agents provide a time honored accountability to court systems everywhere. By including the “circle of love” (family) in the release of an accused, bail agents provide a much needed service in accountability.

What is Secured Bail?

– Secured bail monitors the release of an accused until the final disposition of his/her case. Bail agents are directly connected to the “circle of love” (family members) & make themselves available for 24-hour, real-time reporting on any defiance of the accused. Bail Agents are the keeper of the gate in that we carry out the bail conditions of the Court.  Bail agents maintain the power of arrest ensuring the chain of custody.

*Government run pretrial service agencies are open Monday-Friday 9-5. Pretrial services employees do not have arrest powers and have no vested interest in the appearance of adherence of an accused. When an accused fails to appear under “pretrial diversion programs”, they rely on law enforcement to arrest the accused, which usually does not happen until the next commission of a crime. read more..

What is bail reform?

Bail reform initiatives have been popping up all over the United States for decades. However in the past ten years or so a massive amount of funding has been added to the initiative to remove bail and replace it with publicly funded “bail programs”…ironically NONE of these programs are “free”… Bail programs are funded by American tax dollars. The argument to annihilate bail has unfortunately become a heavily debated political issue, Democrats blaming Republicans, and Republicans blaming Democrats…reality actually lies somewhere in the middle in that paid political agenda has proven to move both parties in the wrong direction pertaining to Bail reform.

 Bail will come to a Vote

Today, anyone in the American court system who’s been charged with a crime is entitled to a bail hearing shortly after their arrest. At this point, all accused are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. At this pre-trial hearing, judges or magistrates, decide whether or not to keep the defendant in jail before their trial. The judge may keep the accused detained if he’s deemed dangerous to the public, or if there’s a good reason to think he won’t show up for court.  More often, the judge will give the accused the option of posting bail to procure his swift liberty.



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